New England winter is no joke, and Bostonians have been finding ways to keep themselves entertained and warm during the chilly months for centuries. New residents of Boston Seaport apartments at NEMA are in luck this winter, as their homes are located near some of the city’s best indoor museums, which range in scope from well-preserved historical sites to cutting-edge entertainment venues. So, pull up your calendar and fill the next couple of months with these wonderful attractions!

If American history strikes your fancy, you’ll want to head over to the Paul Revere House, the well-preserved 17th-century “small wooden home” where the famous ride began. The building, which has been maintained and restored over the centuries, is one of the oldest standing structures in the nation, making it a must-visit for aficionados of architecture, Revolutionary history, or HBO’s John Adams miniseries. History fans seeking a visit closer to home will love the Boston Fire Museum right in the Seaport, where centuries of photographs and firefighting equipment are displayed in a classic brick firehouse. Some of the oldest items in the museum’s large collection date back to the 1700s and include everything from simple buckets to rare glass grenades filled with carbon tetrachloride and designed to be thrown into burning buildings to dampen the flames.

NEMA residents with an artistic side should head to the Museum of Fine Arts, where the objects on display range from ancient Nubian pottery and sculpture to contemporary photography and painting. Upcoming exhibits for the winter include Black Histories, Black Futures, where youth curators have created “a space for stirring exploration and celebration of Black histories, experiences, and self-representations,” and Elsa Dorfman: Me and My Camera, which celebrates the large-format portrait work by the Cambridge resident. And don’t miss the museum’s permanent collection, which is replete with examples of visual art from around the world and across time, including a focus on Boston history.

If your interest in history extends to your favorite teams, head over to The Sports Museum, where the exhibits celebrate Boston’s sports history. Housed on Levels 5 & 6 of TD Garden, this popular museum is a hit with families and is a great place to pass the love of your favorite team down the generations.

After a day of museum visits, residents of the luxury Seaport apartments at NEMA Boston will love to retire to one of the building’s indoor amenity spaces- expected to open in early Spring- for an evening of gaming, cooking, or simply reading a book by the fireplace. There’s no wrong season to live your best life at NEMA Boston.