If you’re looking for a fun, unique happy hour in your neighborhood, your search is over. Harpoon Brewery & Beer Hall, located in Seaport near the Boston luxury apartments for rent at NEMA Boston, has exactly what you need. And the good times are not limited to typical after-work “happy hours.” Come by anytime for a casual drink or to participate in one of the hall’s lively events. And, you can take a tour of the brewery to see how your favorite variety is made. Pitchers of cold, fresh beer, homemade pretzels, and the perfect atmosphere for both celebration and chilling-out await. We’ll save a seat for you at the bar. Until then, read on to learn more about this local brewing institution.

In 1986, three college buddies decided to create their idea of the perfect beer. That same year, Harpoon Brewery received “Brewing Permit #001” in the Commonwealth of Massachusetts and brought on a U.C. Davis graduate with a degree in fermentation sciences to help develop the recipe. After much experimentation and tasting, in June of 1987, Harpoon Ale was delivered. Since then — following a couple of brewery acquisitions, the building of an excellent beer hall to showcase their product, and, of course, the brewing of lots and lots of beer — Harpoon has become integral to the modern Boston brewing tradition.

The Boston location features a rotation of seven selections, out of dozens of the brewery’s products, that includes both seasonal and classic offerings. During the fall, your first draft will likely be a taste of the season itself: Octoberfest. It’s a full-bodied Märzen of garnet-red color with a hoppy aroma and a gently bitter but soft finish. This rich, flavorful pint is perfect with just about any meal. Year-round, you can sample a dry Irish stout, such as Harpoon’s Boston Irish Stout. Like another famous stout, it is full-bodied with a creamy texture, but different in that it is 100 percent Boston. Nothing goes down easier, with its roasted malt finish and hints of Willamette hops. Stop by and take the time to try a few other varieties, and you’ll be sure to discover a new favorite.

While flavor is first on our minds when choosing what to drink, where to drink ranks a close second. Boston’s pub scene is lively and full, but there’s nothing quite like the beer hall at Harpoon. With its long, wooden tables, brick and iron walls, and uber-cool chandeliers, it’s the perfect setting for hanging out with friends or making a few new ones. But the setting is only part of it. A relaxed vibe and subtle energy come directly from a friendly staff that knows its stuff when it comes to beer. And don’t forget the pretzels. Handmade daily on the premises, their aroma fills the air with an irresistible warmth. Pick two homemade sauces for your order, dip liberally, and marvel over each delectable bite as you watch the brewing process through the glass on one side of the hall.

If you’re curious about what exactly goes into the Craic or Peach Kettle Sour, consider taking a tour of the brewery itself. Learn about selecting the perfect ingredients and the delicate art and exact science of the fermentation process. If you’re 21 or over, as part of the tour you’ll enjoy some of the freshly brewed beers that Harpoon is offering. Tours run Monday through Friday beginning on the hour; on Saturdays and Sundays they start every 30 minutes. Get tickets in person on the day you want to tour. Persons under 21 are welcome to come along (except on Saturdays, when the entire hall is 21+), but they must be accompanied by a parent or legal guardian.

For the finest selection of fresh, seasonal brews and the perfect pretzel, Harpoon Brewery & Beer Hall can’t be beat. It’s close to the Seaport Boston apartments at NEMA Boston, so you can easily enjoy a few cold ones on a Saturday out with friends, or take a fun, informative tour of the brewery. If you like beer, you’ll love the Harpoon Beer Hall!